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Taking a closer look at Harrow and it’s amazing liveability

Where is Harrow?

Harrow is located in Greater London, north west of the city centre.

Excellent transportation to the rest of London

The area is well connected by train with 4 tube stations, 2 DLR stations as well as excellent bus service. The 4 tube stations (Harrow & Wealdstone, Harrow-on-the-Hill, North Harrow, West Harrow) are served by the Metropolitan Line (purple) and the Bakerloo line (Gold). These connections provide access to London’s city centre in less than 30 mins.


Residents of Harrow live in the heart of a historical area which includes:

An intimate town with village houses & shops, beautiful churches & museums, and outstanding schools like Harrow School where Winston Churchill studied.

The streets are lined with red brick buildings, old fashioned pubs, boutique shops, and attractive victorian style homes.


The famous landmark St. Mary’s Church is an excellent final touch to the area’s fantastic scenery & incredible views from Harrow on the Hill. There is ample green space in the area for spending time outdoors.


The two largest shopping centres in the area are St George’s and St. Ann’s, both are located in the heart of Harrow for fashion, electronics, and food.

Source: © Crown Copyright. Land Registry data for October 2020

Attractive Home Prices

Average home prices are 25.2% below the London Average making the area ripe for opportunity & appreciation.

Learn more

Contact us to learn more about what’s happening in Harrow and new developments for investing & owner occupied homes. We are currently working with Barratt London on their new regeneration development – Eastman Village in the heart of Harrow.

In late January, we held a live webinar with Barratt representative, Jack Cheng, to discuss Eastman Village. Please watch the replay below!


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